Rabbi Samuel Waldman is 60 years old. He has a diverse background in religious education. At first, he was indoctrinated by Horav Hagoan Rabbi Avigdor Miller ZT’L’s teachings. He used to listen to hundreds of Rabbi Miller’s tapes and encourage others to do the same. Rabbi Samuel Waldman was also close with former Mashgiach of Mirrer Yeshiva, Horav Hagoan Rav Don Segal shlit’a.

Rabbi Samuel Waldman started learning in the Kollel of Mirrer Yeshiva before joining the Kollel of the Mercaz Hatorah at Belle Harbor, New York, run by Rabbi Levi Dicker zt’l and Rabbi Chaim Zelikovitz Shlit”a. He was hoping to eventually take over as Mashgaich of the High School, a teaching post. After two years in the Kollel, he became the Mashgiach of the High School.

The Teachings of Rabbi Samuel Waldman

Rabbi Samuel has a long and diverse career in religious education. He has been delivering weekly lectures on proper Torah living and on topics of Emunah to the High School boys in each class separately. In addition to that, he also had one-on-one discussions with them to spur them on to greater heights in their climb to becoming true Ben Torah. During those years, Rabbi Samuel Waldman delivered lectures that many of his students encouraged him to write a book about.

Rabbi Waldman also taught 4th and then 7th grade at the Elementary school, Yeshiva Tiferes Moshe in Queens, NY, from 1986 to 1999. Rabbi Waldman also taught in a few summer camps over the years leaving his mark on many hundreds of students over a 20-year period.

He was for a number of years in the old Camp Torah Vodaas, and for many years in Camp Dora Golding, having a profound effect imbuing the tenets of Judaism to his students with his lectures and through his Sefer.

Rabbi Waldman’s Writing Projects

In 2002, the book ‘Beyond A Reasonable Doubt: Convincing Evidence to the Truths of Judaism’ was published. It sold many tens of thousands of copies and is still selling. It was an acclaimed classic by those in the field of kiruv. Many people have contacted Rabbi Waldman to tell him how much the Sefer influenced their path in life. It was a “game-changer” to many, many people, who were greatly affected by it. The Sefer explains the fundamental tenets of Jewish faith in an extremely straightforward way.

For the past 10 years, Rabbi Waldman has been writing a book about proper prayer. The book discusses everything that makes Orthodox Jews spend so much time in prayer, and it explains what we should be doing as a result. It contains ideas that most Jewish people don’t know about. It promises to be a classic on the subject of prayer. Rabbi Waldman, the author, spends a lot of his time in intense prayer as his book shows the method of proper prayer.