The internet is a minefield of information for people with an interest in Judaism. Even the most seasoned cyber-surfers can get lost on sites that promote a positive Jewish identity, but also offer harmful content as well. Luckily, as more and more people adopt the digital lifestyle, various resources are emerging to make exploring Judaism online easier for everyone. In the following articles, religious educator Samuel Waldman will help you find useful information on Judaism without getting too overwhelmed by scary websites or unhelpful blogs.

Online Synagogues and Shmita Cycles

Online synagogues provide free, accessible services for all faiths, including Judaism. Synagogues are often able to offer online Torah classes, Hebrew lessons, and other online services like online prayer. Many online synagogues also offer free online services for Jewish holidays and Shabbat. According to Samuel Waldman, synagogues can be a great resource for learning about Judaism online. Just be sure to research the synagogue for any questionable content.

Torah Study Apps

Apps are a great way to get a thorough dose of Jewish knowledge every day. There are apps that cover general Jewish knowledge, such as holidays or the history of the Jewish people, and even apps that cover Chassidus and Kabbalah. Torah study apps can be a great way to supplement your high school or college education, or even as a way to learn on your own. They are also a great way to learn about Judaism online. Just be sure to research the app for any questionable content.

Jewish Education Blogs and Forums

Blogs and forums make for great places to learn about Judaism online, especially for those who are looking for more informal sources of information. Samuel Waldman’s blog focus on education of all sorts, and are a great resource for learning about Judaism online. Many forums offer a wide range of topics and are great ways to learn about Judaism online. Just be sure to research the forum for any questionable content.

Shabbat and Holiday Information Resources

In addition to blogs and forums, Shabbat and holiday information resources are great ways to learn about Judaism online. Many of these websites offer Jewish content on other holidays as well, such as Chanukah or Tu B’Shvat. Some sites also offer Jewish content on other Jewish holidays, like Purim or Yom Kippur. Sites that allow users to create their own offline calendars or planners are helpful for those traveling to other locations. These resources are also helpful for those who want to incorporate more Jewish content into their daily lives, explains Samuel Waldman.

Networking Sites for Shlichim and Visitors to Israel

Many websites that focus on Jewish content promote their affiliation with Jewish organizations and invite visitors to Israel to attend events, join groups, and more. Some of these websites are affiliated with specific Jewish organizations, such as JCCs and Hadassah, while others are for more general Jewish networks. As with other Jewish websites, networking sites for shlichim and visitors to Israel are great ways to learn about Judaism online. Just be sure to research the website for any questionable content.

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